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The word transient uses 9 total characters with white space

The word transient uses 9 total characters with white out space

The word "transient" uses 7 unique characters: A E I N R S T

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From stem of Latin transiens, present participle of transire (to go over, to pass)


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transient (comparative more transient, superlative most transient)

  1. Passing or disappearing with time; transitory.
    a transient pleasure
    • Milton
      this transient world
  2. Remaining for only a brief time.
    a transient view of a landscape
    a transient disease
  3. (physics) Decaying with time, especially exponentially.
  4. (mathematics, stochastic processes, of a state) having a positive probability of being left and never being visited again.
  5. Occasional; isolated; one-off
  6. Passing through; passing from one person to another.
  7. (philosophy) Operating beyond itself; having an external effect.


  • (passing): passing, transitory, temporary
  • (brief): brief, ephemeral, fleeting, flighty, fugacious


  • (passing): permanent
  • (brief): permanent, inveterate
  • (mathematics): recurrent
  • (philosophy): immanent

Derived terms[edit]

  • transience
  • transiently
  • transientness



transient (plural transients)

  1. Something which is transient.
  2. (physics) A transient phenomenon, especially an electric current; a very brief surge.
  3. (acoustics) A relatively loud, non-repeating signal in an audio waveform which occurs very quickly, such as the attack of a snare drum.
  4. A person who passes through a place for a short time; a traveller; a migrant worker
    • 1996, Janette Turner Hospital, Oyster, Virago Press, paperback edition, page 3
      Then, within the space of a few months, there were more transients than there were locals, and the imbalance seemed morally wrong.
  5. An unhoused person


  • (4) traveller: itinerant, migrant, traveller
  • (5) homeless: homeless



  • instanter, intranets